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Industrial Monitoring Solutions

Turbine Supervisory Instrumentation

Sensonics turbine supervisory instrumentation offers the full range of vibration, expansion and speed measurements required for effective turbine condition monitoring and protection. With measurement techniques developed in conjunction with the power generation industry over the past 40 years, Sensonics turbine supervisory equipment is recognised as providing robust and accurate condition monitoring measurements that can be relied on, particularly in heavy industrial environments.

Sensonics offer a complete turnkey project capability for retrofit turbine supervisory applications from measurement specification through to sensor supply including vibration transducers, eddy current proximity probes and LVDT’s.

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Sentry G3 – Full API 670 Compliant Monitoring System

The Sensonics API670 compliant Sentry G3 system is ideally suited for your turbine supervisory measurement requirements. The independent channel digital signal processing and dual redundant power supply functionality provide flexibility with reliability. Voted channel arrangements can be configured to provide robust solutions for speed and shaft position monitoring in compliance with the API670 standard.


Sentry G3 Measurement

The Sentry G3 universal hardware concept allows any channel to be programmed to the required measurement regime. Providing maximum flexibility within a single module type. The G3 module contains all alarm relays, analogue output and digital communication functionality. No other additional module types are required in the rack, reducing common-mode failures, and the required variants of operational spares.


Senturion X Range of Eddy Current Proximity Probes

Available in either straight or disc mounting configurations and can be supplied with a range of adjustable bracketry and probe holder arrangements

⦿ 2.5mm to 25mm measurement range
⦿ Universal driver for 5m, 7m and 9m systems
⦿ API 670 standard compliant
⦿ Operation to +180 °C with response to 10kHz
⦿ Shaft vibration and expansion/position
⦿ Snap lock and shake-proof cable connection
⦿ Excellent repeatability
⦿ ATEX Ex ia IIC T2/T4


PZ Shear Mode and VEL/G Velocity Vibration Sensors

Velocity sensors are the correct choice for turbine bearing and casing vibration measurements.

⦿ PZV, IEPE type, 4mV/mm/s with the operation to +140 °C with the response from 0.1Hz – 10kHz Dual SS316 Case EMC shielded
⦿ VEL/G, Self Generating, 4mV/mm/s – 20mV/mm/s With operation to +200 °C with response From 0.5Hz – 2kHz
⦿ API 670 standard compliant
⦿ MIL connector or various cable options
⦿ ATEX Ex ia IIC T4

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