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Calibration Of Vibration Monitoring, Condition Monitoring & Seismic Monitoring Equipment

Calibration Services


At Sensonics, we not only provide a wide range of monitoring systems for large rotary plant, but we also help you get the best value from your investment by providing calibration services. This can be commissioned independently, or contracted when you invest in one of our systems – and parts can be supplied on an as needed basis.

  • UKAS-accredited calibration for all sensors and monitoring equipment
  • On-site or return-to-base service
  • Sustain the accuracy and efficiency of your monitoring systems
  • Improve system performance and efficiency

Why choose Sensonics for calibration?

If you’ve already purchased condition, displacement, vibration or rotational speed monitoring systems from Sensonics, our calibration services are the best means of maintaining optimum performance while keeping your repair costs to a minimum.

With over 40 years’ experience supplying, commissioning and maintaining monitoring systems in a range of industries, we offer bespoke servicing packages for all types of system. To find out more, please call +44 (0) 1442 953063, or contact us.


Our Products

Download the engineers’ guide to specifying vibration monitoring systems

If you are designing a system which uses vibration monitoring then this guide can help you specify vibration monitoring systems.

This guide covers:

  • Types of vibration sensors
  • Monitoring equipment
  • Questions to ask when designing or specifying a vibration monitoring system
  • Why work with Sensonics

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Our experienced Application Engineers are available to assist you in solving any problems that you may have concerning the choice and application of any of the Sensonics products in the measurement and control of vibration, position, temperature and proximity.

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