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Industrial Monitoring Solutions

Industrial Sensors

An industry proven range of accelerometers, velocity sensors, eddy current proximity probes, capacitive air gap sensors and LVDT’s to cover a wide range of machine vibration and position measurement applications.

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PZ Shear Mode Range of Vibration Sensors

⦿ PZS, IEPE type, 10mV/g to 500mV/g Accelerometer
⦿ PZV, IEPE type, 4mV/mm/s Velocity Sensor
⦿ PZDC, 4-20mA loop powered, Velocity Sensor
⦿ Operation to +140 °C with response from 0.1Hz – 10kHz
⦿ Dual SS316 Case EMC shielded, sealed to IP68
⦿ MIL connector or various cable options
⦿ ATEX Ex ia IIC T4

Senturion X Range of Eddy Current Proximity Probesx

⦿ 2.5mm to 25mm measurement range
⦿ Universal driver for 5m, 7m and 9m systems
⦿ API 670 standard compliant
⦿ Operation to +180 °C with response to 10kHz
⦿ Shaft vibration and position processed outputs
⦿ Snap lock and shake proof cable connection
⦿ Excellent repeatability
⦿ ATEX Ex ia IIC T2/T4

PZ Compression Mode
Range of Accelerometers

⦿ PZHT , +240°C operation, separate charge amplifier
⦿ PZEHT , +450°C operation, separate charge amplifier
⦿ 10mV/g, GT / Aero Derivative applications
⦿ ATEX Ex ia IIC T1
⦿ PZP, 20pC/g to 100pC/g sensitivity, +200 °C operation
⦿ 0.5Hz – 20kHz performance, nuclear applications
⦿ PZCS, 50 uA/g, 2.5Hz – 9.0kHz, +120°C operation
⦿ MOD approved for military and naval applications

VEL/G Range of Electrodynamic Velocity Sensors

⦿ Self Generating, 4mV/mm/s – 20mV/mm/s
⦿ Response from 0.5Hz – 2kHz
⦿ API 670 standard compliant
⦿ Operation to +200 °C, dual SS316 case
⦿ 4-20mA processed output options
⦿ Very high noise immunity
⦿ ATEX Ex ia IIC T4

CS Capacitive Sensor for Air Gap monitoring applications x

⦿ Measurement ranges between 25mm and 75mm
⦿ Non-contact sensor with integrated dual coaxial cable
⦿ Hydro generator rotor and stator specific measurements
⦿ Operation up to +125°C
⦿ Isolated voltage and current output options

LVDT Transducer
Systems X

⦿ Measurement range between 2.5mm and 600mm
⦿ AC and DC versions with processed driver outputs
⦿ Sprung loaded, Guided or Free core option
⦿ Operation up to +220°C
⦿ Roller bearing, ball or rod end
⦿ Special options available – submersible, short body, OEM, etc.
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If you are designing a system which uses vibration monitoring then this guide can help you specify vibration monitoring systems.

This guide covers:

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  • Monitoring equipment
  • Questions to ask when designing or specifying a vibration monitoring system
  • Why work with Sensonics

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