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Sentry G3 Series, Sentry Series, Aegis Series, DN26 Series, DN803X Series, Plantscan Series, SA-3 Seismic Switch, Portable Vibration Monitors.


A range of Vibration Sensors to cover most applications. From standard industrial through to specialised nuclear, submersible and high-temperature applications.


Senturion X Series: Universal Driver Unit for all system lengths. API670 compliant operates from -18 to -30Vdc supply. Probe operation to +180°C, Driver operation to +90°C. Supplied in fixed system lengths of 5m,7m and 9m. ATEX / IECEx approved.


Measurement range up to 2.5mm to 600mm, AC and DC variants to suit all applications. Operation up to +220 °C.


CS Capacitive Sensor Series: Up to 75mm measurement range, operates from +20 to +28 Vdc supply. Probe operation to +120°C, Driver operation to +80°C. Supplied in fixed system lengths of 5m and 10m.

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