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Sentry G3 Series 
High integrity, Universal Input, 4 channel module
API 670 compliant machine monitoring,
Integral LCD display with channel bar graphs, alarm historian, FFT.
4 alarm relays (expandable to 12) and 8 analogue outputs per module
19″ x 3U rack-mounted system
Datasheet No.
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Sentry G3 Universal Machinery Protection Monitor DS1221
Sentry G3 Condition Monitoring Module (Data Acquisition Card for Vibration Analysis) DS1260
Sentry G3 Power Supply Module DS1225
Sentry G3 Communications Module DS1232
Sentry G3 RAG306 6-position 19” x 3U rack IS4010/8
Sentry G3 RAG303P 3-position 12” x 3U rack IS4013/12
Sentry G3 Relay Expansion card IS4031/2
Sentry G3 Typical Sensor Loop Connections 047-1759B
DN26 Series
Dual-channel, Din Rail mountable, machine monitoring module,
Integral display with LCD indicator, dual-level parameter alarms,
3 alarm relays and 2 analogue outputs, buffered transducer outputs
Datasheet No.
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DN26 G3, our latest dual-channel +tacho programmable (vibration or position) protection monitor DS1234
DN2601, dual-channel absolute/bearing vibration monitor DS1148
DN2602, dual-channel relative/shaft vibration monitor DS1157
DN2603, single-channel thrust/expansion monitor DS1158
DN2604, dual-channel vibration/temperature monitor DS1177
DN2605, dual-channel temperature monitor DS1171

DN2608, single-channel speed monitor

The above monitor series is also available with further features
including dual buffered outputs (X & Y) with alarm latching &reset
facilities approved to IEC61508.

DN2611, dual-channel absolute/bearing vibration monitor DS1214
DN2612, dual-channel relative/shaft vibration monitor DS1217
SA-3 Seismic Switch
Triaxial vibration protection switch, floor or wall mounting,
Frequency response 0.1Hz to 100Hz, Sensitivity 0.005g to 0.5g
The internal self-calibration facility, Qualified to IEEE std 344
Portable Vibration Monitors  
Vibcheck, low cost, entry-level portable monitor DS1130