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Industrial Monitoring Solutions

Condition Monitoring

The SentryCMS condition monitoring system is a scalable addition to the Sentry G3 API670 compliant machine protection system. Providing flexible data acquisition combined with powerful analysis tools for both online and offline performance monitoring.

The Sentry VAM DAQ module locates in slot 6 and provides data acquisition for up to 32 sensors & 8 phase reference channels. Simultaneously acquiring and storing asynchronous sampled and order locked processed data means no vibration event remains undetected. The SentryCMS software offers detailed post-analysis features in combination with standard order locked displays.

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Measurement and
Display Modes

⦿ Orbit (Full or Ordered)
⦿ Bode
⦿ Polar
⦿ Bar Graph / Histogram
⦿ Time Waveform
⦿ FFT (Full, Horizontal and Vertical views)
⦿ Waterfall and Campbell Diagrams
⦿ Trend
⦿ Nyquist
⦿ Multiple Plot Overlays

SentryCMS Data

⦿ 32 vibration channels and 8 tachos in one slot
⦿ Field upgradable and independent to the protection function
⦿ Fast and flexible acquisition
⦿ Trend data through OPC, TCPIP Modbus and DDS
⦿ Simultaneous acquisition of order locked and asynchronous data
⦿ Acquire speed, amplitude and FFT alarms

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If you are designing a system which uses vibration monitoring then this guide can help you specify vibration monitoring systems.

This guide covers:

  • Types of vibration sensors
  • Monitoring equipment
  • Questions to ask when designing or specifying a vibration monitoring system
  • Why work with Sensonics

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