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CS Capacitive Sensor Series
Up to 75mm measurement range, operates from +20 to +28 Vdc supply
Probe operation to +120°C, Driver operation to +80°C
Supplied in fixed system lengths of 5m and 10m
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Air Gap Sensors

CS25 Capacitive Sensor, 25mm  range, 400mV/mm and 640uA/mm DS1242 Air Gap monitoring of hydroelectric generators is a critical measurement requirement driven by the need to understand the dynamic relationship between the rotor and stator in power generation applications. On a large hydroelectric plant, the rotor to stator air gap can be used to monitor both the eccentricity of the rotor relative to the stator and individual pole to stator air gaps.

CS50 Capacitive Sensor, 50mm  range, 200mV/mm and 290uA/mm DS1243
CS75 Capacitive Sensor, 75mm  range, 125mV/mm and 200uA/mm DS1256