Seismic Protection and Recording Equipment

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Seismic Protection and Recording Equipment

Sensonics seismic protection and recording equipment is used for the vibration monitoring of critical infrastructure. As the leading supplier of seismic monitoring and protection systems to the UK nuclear industry we have solutions to meet with a diverse range of applications providing safe shutdown and recording facilities in the event of an earthquake.

Alarm management and event capture is achieved through our seismic sensors in combination with multichannel recording equipment providing time history, FFT and spectral response analysis. Integrity and robustness are key to our system concept, with protected power supply configurations, custom indication panels, as well as 2 of 3 voted alarm processing suitable for safety critical applications.

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Qualified System and Components

  •  Triaxial Seismometers & Seismic Switches
  • Data Capture PC with embedded event record and replay facilities
  • Dual redundant power supply and battery back up
  • Alarm indication with 2 of 3 channel voting
  • Inbuilt transducer calibration for full system integrity proof testing
  • Seismically qualified system panel to IEEE Std 344
  • Safety assessed to IEC 61508

SA-3 Seismic Switch

The SA series of seismic safety switches are triaxial vibration detection devices, suitable for the protection of vulnerable structures from ground borne vibration events. The unit features three high integrity low noise piezoelectric seismometers in combination with alarm circuitry mounted in a robust weatherproof painted steel enclosure.

  • Frequency response 0.1Hz to 100Hz
  • Actuating Sensitivity 0.005g to 0.5g
  • Dynamic Range >90dB
  • Internal self test facility
  • IP66 protection with Explosive Proof (Ex) option
  • Qualified to IEEE std 344
  • ASCE 25-97 frequency response option

SP Piezoelectric and VEL/GLF Seismic Sensors

A range of seismic sensors providing acceleration or velocity detection at low frequencies

  • SP4/SP5, short period accelerometer, up to 10V/g
    Response from 0.1Hz – 100Hz with 120dB dynamic range
    Self test facility through signal injection
    Strong motion seismic acceleration measurements
  • VEL/G, Self Generating, 20mV/mm/s
    Response from 0.5Hz – 1kHz with 120dB dynamic range
    Peak particle velocity measurements
  • Various mechanical configurations and cable options
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