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temp accelerometer

New High Temperature Accelerometer for Gas Turbines

A vibration transducer capable of operating in excess of 450°C is now available from Sensonics. The PZEHT offers ICP type connectivity by separating the high temperature element from the signal conditioning electronics, connecting by means of a hardline cable. Robust and hermetically sealed, this latest instrument from Sensonics is designed for use on Gas Turbines

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seismic event recording platform

Seismic Monitoring & Protection for the Most Demanding Applications

NEW PRODUCT PRESS RELEASE 16th October 2018 For Immediate Release SEISMIC MONITORING & PROTECTION FOR THE MOST DEMANDING APPLICATIONS Seismic monitoring and protection system specialists SENSONICS has enhanced its seismic equipment product range through the development of a new LINUX based seismic event recording platform. This development represents an upgrade path for existing legacy systems

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Gas Turbine Measurement Algorithms Takes Sentry G3 Machinery to a New Level

PRODUCT PRESS RELEASE 10th July 2018 For Immediate Release GAS TURBINE MEASUREMENT ALGORITHMS TAKES SENTRY G3 MACHINERY PROTECTION TO A NEW LEVEL Machine monitoring specialists SENSONICS have introduced new measurement algorithm options for their successful Sentry G3 machinery protection monitor, the high performance turbine supervisory system. The latest Sentry G3 system not only provides machine

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Stainless Steel Proximity Probe Holders For Harsh Environments

NEW PRODUCT PRESS RELEASE 7th February 2018 For Immediate Release STAINLESS STEEL PROXIMITY PROBE HOLDERS FOR HARSH ENVIRONMENTS – ATEX / IECEx HAZARDOUS AREA APPLICATIONS Condition monitoring specialists SENSONICS have introduced the ECPHS Eddy Current Probe Holder which is designed for use with their range of API 670 compliant XPR04 Proximity Probes. Developed as a

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Next Generation Proximity Probes Unveiled

NEW PRODUCT PRESS RELEASE 14th November 2017 For Immediate Release NEXT GENERATION PROXIMITY PROBES FULLY INTEGRATED FOR IMPROVED RELIABILITY The extensive range of proximity sensors available from condition monitoring specialists SENSONICS now includes their fully integrated PRI Series. Building on their established Senturion proximity probe range, the new PRI Series offers a single probe assembly

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Vibration Sensing Solutions With Transmitter Interface

NEW PRODUCT PRESS RELEASE 22nd June 2017 For Immediate Release VIBRATION SENSING SOLUTIONS WITH TRANSMITTER INTERFACE Machine Protection and Condition monitoring specialists SENSONICS has developed its range of 4-20mA sensing devices to a level which now represents one of the most comprehensive sets of vibration sensing solutions available for critical items of plant and equipment,

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New Generation of Air Gap Sensors

PRODUCT PRESS RELEASE 9th June 2016 For Immediate Release NEW GENERATION OF AIR GAP SENSORS Built on Sensonics established range of sensors for rotating machinery, the latest AIR GAP SENSOR RANGE introduced earlier this year offers improvements in measurement technique resulting in excellent stability and noise performance. Designed for use on hydro turbine generators and

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Fully Integrated Proximity Probe

NEW PRODUCT PRESS RELEASE 20th April 2016 For Immediate Release FULLY INTEGRATED PROXIMITY PROBE Condition monitoring specialists SENSONICS have introduced a new range of proximity sensors with an integrated driver suitable for measuring shaft vibration, position and speed on rotating plant. Building on their established Senturion proximity probe range, the new PRI Series offers a

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vibration protection

Vibration Protection For Smaller Critical Plant

PRODUCT APPLICATION PRESS RELEASE 29th March 2016 For Immediate Release VIBRATION PROTECTION FOR SMALLER CRITICAL PLANT Improving efficiencies, reducing energy consumption and eliminating downtime has never been more important than in today’s highly competitive industrial environment. Whether generating power, pumping essential fluids or driving process equipment, it is vital to monitor machinery dynamic behaviour and

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Effective Monitoring of Vibration on Low Speed Machines

NEW PRODUCT PRESS RELEASE 20th January 2016 For Immediate Release EFFECTIVE MONITORING OF VIBRATION ON LOW SPEED MACHINES Slow speed rotating machinery (typically, less than 300 RPM) is commonplace in many industrial applications, for example; cooling towers, hydro-electric turbines and wind power generation. To ensure this type of machinery and plant is functioning at optimal

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