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24 April 2023


Piezoelectric accelerometers are a type of accelerometer that utilizes piezoelectric material, often referred to as a crystal, and when the affixed heavy mass applies a force in either a compression or shear mode to the piezoelectric material caused by vibration, shaking, or shock it provides a charge output proportional to the magnitude of vibration applied. The charge output normally requires signal conditioning which is often as a PCB assembly within the accelerometer, although harsher environments may dictate that this must be external to the sensor head - for example, remote charge amplifiers that are located far enough away to be in a less harsh environment (extreme heat or radiation are the most common). The charge amplifier generally converts the charge output to a voltage, although current output options do exist. These Piezoelectric accelerometers offer several benefits to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).BOOK A CALL

Here are some key benefits:

High Sensitivity and Wide Frequency Range:

Piezoelectric accelerometers are known for their high sensitivity, allowing them to measure very small accelerations accurately. They also have a wide frequency range, enabling them to capture a broad spectrum of vibrations and accelerations. This makes them suitable for a wide range of applications that require precise and accurate acceleration measurements, such as in structural health monitoring, aerospace, and automotive industries.

Wide Dynamic Range:

Piezoelectric accelerometers have a wide dynamic range, which means they can measure both low-amplitude and high-amplitude vibrations accurately. This makes them suitable for applications where the magnitude of the acceleration can vary significantly, such as in impact testing, structural analysis, and machine condition monitoring for all sorts of rotating or reciprocating machinery, from power generation turbo machinery, wind turbines, hydro-generators, gas turbines, industrial compressors, pumps, fans, motors and gearboxes, to name a few. OEMs can benefit from the versatility and accuracy of piezoelectric accelerometers in capturing a wide range of acceleration levels.

Durability and Robustness:

Piezoelectric accelerometers are known for their durability and robustness, making them suitable for harsh environments and demanding applications. They can be designed to withstand high temperatures, high vibrations, radiation resistance, sub-sea applications and other challenging conditions without degradation in performance. This makes them ideal for industrial and automotive applications, where reliability and longevity are critical factors.

Fast Response Time:

Piezoelectric accelerometers have fast response times, allowing them to capture transient events and rapid changes in acceleration accurately. This makes them suitable for applications that require capturing high-frequency vibrations or impacts, such as in crash testing, impact testing, and high-speed machinery monitoring. Fast response times can help OEMs obtain accurate and reliable data in dynamic environments.

Compact Size:

Piezoelectric accelerometers are typically small and lightweight, making them suitable for integration into space-constrained applications or products. This provides OEMs with flexibility in terms of design and installation options. They can be easily mounted on structures or embedded in devices without adding significant weight or size to the overall system.

High Linearity:

Piezoelectric accelerometers typically exhibit high linearity in their measurement range, ensuring accurate and reliable measurements across a wide range of accelerations. This makes them suitable for applications that require precise and linear measurements, such as in scientific research, testing, and simulations.

In conclusion, piezoelectric accelerometers offer several benefits to OEMs, including high sensitivity, wide frequency range, wide dynamic range, durability, fast response time, compact size, and high linearity. These advantages make them well-suited for a wide range of applications, where accurate and reliable acceleration measurements are required.

Sensonics design and manufacture piezoelectric accelerometers in the United Kingdom. We have been doing this since the 1980’s and we have a wealth of long-serving expertise to offer advice, product selection and even a bespoke design service where required. Contact Sensonics Ltd Sales Team for a quotation or to discuss your application.

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