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20 March 2023


Safety-critical industries depend on effective and reliable vibration monitoring solutions, to ensure that warning signs of a problem are detected at the earliest opportunity. Without adequate monitoring, the consequences could be catastrophic, particularly in industries such as nuclear power generation and oil and gas production.BOOK A CALL

In this article, we will explore what accelerometers are and how they can benefit your business.

What Is An Accelerometer?

An accelerometer is a device that measures vibration, either in metres per second squared (m/s²) or in G-forces (g). If the output of an accelerometer is voltage, this would be expressed as millivolts per g (mV/g), with the most common sensitivity being 100mV/g.

Most accelerometers provide an output that is measured by a monitoring system. The output may be recorded or re-transmitted to a separate recorder.

What Are The Advantages Of Accelerometers?

Accelerometers are essential in effective vibration condition monitoring systems as they can detect vibration on a range of rotating machines while being easy to use and cost-effective. Accelerometers have a significant impact on the quality of data, so selecting the right accelerometer offers the best chance to optimise the vibration measurement channels’ signal-to-noise ratio.

The advantages of accelerometers include:

  • Simple interface.
  • Robust, rugged design for use in challenging environments.
  • High-frequency
  • In-built signal conditioning to measure the charge output from the high impedance accelerometer.

The Sensonics Range Of Accelerometers

At Sensonics, we manufacture a range of piezo-electric accelerometers, as well as piezo-electric velocity transducers, which integrate the acceleration signal with a velocity vibration signal. Both types can be fitted with additional circuitry to provide a direct 4-20mA output for lower-cost, simpler sensing solutions.

To find out more, please download our free Vibration Monitoring Systems Guide or call our expert team on 01442 876833.

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