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Vibration and Position Monitoring

Sensonics vibration and position monitoring systems offer a range of both contact and non-contact techniques for accurate measurement of absolute vibration, relative vibration and shaft / thrust position on critical machines and infrastructure.

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Sentry G3 Universal Monitoring and Protection System

The Sensonics Sentry G3 concept builds upon the established range of Sentry products and has been designed to be the most flexible and feature rich machinery protection system available. Each of the G3 module’s four channels can be independently programmed to provide continuous monitoring and protection across a broad spectrum of measurement regimes, including vibration, position, temperature and speed.

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DN26 G3 Intelligent Machinery Protection

The DN26 G3 Machine Protection Monitor is a high performance fully programmable signal conditioning unit capable of monitoring 2 channels of absolute vibration, shaft vibration or shaft position. An additional third channel is available as standard for measuring speed or for use as a phase reference.
Ideal for OEM machinery applications with easy integration.

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Senturion X Proximity Probe systems with direct processed outputs

DNX8031, 4-20mA Loop Powered, Vibration Transmitter, up to 0-250um pk-pk. Direct DCS/PLC integration for shaft vibration monitoring for fluid film bearings on motors, pumps, compressors and steam turbines.

DNX8033, 4-20mA Loop Powered, Shaft Pos / Thrust Transmitter, -1.0mm to +1.0mm. Direct DCS/PLC integration for shaft position / thrust wear monitoring on a wide range of machinery, e.g. pumps, compressors and steam turbines.

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