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5 October 2020

The Environmental Impact Of Effective Monitoring

Effective vibration monitoring can ensure your plant operates efficiently, cost-effectively, and within appropriate sound parameters – lowering your operating costs and safeguarding the environment. Let’s look at these positive environmental impacts in more detail:

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Lower Energy Consumption

Lower energy use reduces the demand for the fuels required to generate electricity and cuts your business’ carbon emissions. With the forthcoming Carbon Emissions Tax targeting businesses that emit high levels of CO2, measures that reduce your energy bills and your tax liabilities offer obvious financial benefits for your business! Automated condition monitoring, particularly of rotating machines, can play its part in ensuring that your equipment operates at peak efficiency, eliminating energy waste and thereby reducing your costs, liabilities, and emissions. Monitoring systems will instantly alert you to a decrease in performance, enabling you to respond rapidly with remedial action. Greater efficiency means lower power consumption and a less detrimental impact on the environment. Companies who actively demonstrate a commitment to protecting the environment by reducing their carbon footprint are also likely to benefit from positive publicity and loyal customers.

Reduced Noise Pollution

Excessive noise emissions from industrial plants can be problematic for operatives on the factory floor and neighbouring businesses or residents – as well as causing harm to local wildlife. Noise pollution is an important health and safety matter, as businesses that fail to suppress their sound output face potential penalties from local Environmental Health departments. Vibration monitoring can ensure that Accoustic Emissions remain within acceptable parameters, alerting staff to excesses so that the vibrations causing the noise can be reduced, in addition to addressing any route cause mechanical faults that could lead to equipment failure and costly downtime.

Boost Your Environmental Credentials With Continuous Condition Monitoring

At Sensonics, we provide advanced vibration and position monitoring systems for critical machinery and infrastructure, using contact and non-contact techniques to deliver accurate measurements and analysis. Used in conjunction with energy-efficiency and noise-reduction measures, our vibration monitoring systems can help ensure compliance with green legislation and reduce your company’s environmental impact. Get in touch today to find out more.

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Image source - Pixabay