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8 May 2023


Green  hydrogen (GH2) is hydrogen generated by renewable energy or from low-carbon power.

Blue hydrogen is an industry term for hydrogen produced from natural gas and supported by carbon capture and storage. The CO2 generated during the manufacturing process is captured and stored permanently underground. The result is low-carbon hydrogen that produces no CO2.

Vibration monitoring plays a crucial role in ensuring the safe and efficient operation of various equipment and processes within Green and Blue Hydrogen projects. Here are a few examples of how vibration monitoring is used in these projects:



Electrolysers are used in both Green and Blue Hydrogen projects to produce hydrogen through the process of water electrolysis. Vibration monitoring is employed to detect any abnormalities or mechanical issues in the electrolyser system, such as imbalances, misalignments, or bearing failures. By monitoring vibration levels, operators can identify potential problems early on and take preventive or corrective actions to maintain the electrolyser's performance and prevent unplanned downtime.


Compressors are used to pressurise and transport hydrogen gas in both Green and Blue Hydrogen projects. Monitoring vibrations in compressors helps detect issues such as misalignment, rotor imbalance, bearing wear, and mechanical faults. Early detection of these problems allows for timely maintenance and repairs, ensuring the reliable operation of the compressor and minimising the risk of equipment failure.


Pumps are utilised in various stages of hydrogen production and processing, including water circulation, hydrogen compression, and chemical reactions. Vibration monitoring in pumps enables the identification of issues such as cavitation, impeller damage, bearing wear, and shaft misalignment. By continuously monitoring vibration levels, operators can optimise pump performance, reduce energy consumption, and prevent costly failures.


Turbines are employed in Blue Hydrogen projects, particularly in steam methane reforming (SMR) processes, where natural gas is converted to hydrogen and carbon dioxide. Vibration monitoring is crucial for turbines to ensure optimal performance, detect blade damage or cracking, and identify potential bearing or alignment issues. Monitoring vibrations helps maintain turbine efficiency, improve safety, and reduce the risk of catastrophic failures.

Heat exchangers:

Heat exchangers are essential components in hydrogen production processes, facilitating the transfer of heat between different streams. Vibration monitoring can detect issues such as fouling, flow-induced vibrations, or tube bundle failures in heat exchangers. By monitoring vibration signatures, operators can identify and address potential problems that may affect heat transfer efficiency, ensuring optimal performance and minimising energy losses.


In summary, vibration monitoring is a valuable tool in Green and Blue Hydrogen projects. By continuously monitoring vibrations in various equipment and processes, operators can detect and address mechanical issues early on, optimise performance, reduce downtime, and improve overall safety and efficiency.

Sensonics Ltd has supplied intrinsically safe certified vibration, position and shaft speed sensors (UKEX/ATEX/IECEX certified) and the associated safe area instrumentation for machine condition monitoring purposes, allowing the safe and efficient operation of rotating and reciprocating machinery since 1982 as well as non-intrinsically safe product since 1972.

We offer a full turnkey service offered from survey, project management, engineering design, site specific documentation, handbooks and drawing packages, product supply, installation and commissioning, product support including outage assistance, maintenance and calibration.

In addition we manufacture Functional Safety Systems to IEC 61508 SIL levels 1/2/3.

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