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31 January 2023


Monitoring the performance of large rotating plant is an essential part of proactive maintenance helping to avert problems whilst prolonging the life and efficiency of plant and equipment. However, what about the servicing and calibration of the actual condition monitoring systems?

To provide the function, efficiency and true value, the monitoring systems themselves require regular calibration and servicing. For example, an incorrectly calibrated sensor may not provide the accurate alerts you need to replace wearing or faulty components in time to prevent downtime and may even invalidate your insurance.

Condition Monitoring specialist SENSONICS offer not only a wide range of industry leading vibration, temperature, position and rotational speed systems for large rotary plant, they also provide calibration, servicing and spares which will help you get the best value from your investment. Our UKAS traceable calibration and maintenance services can be applied to all sensors and monitoring equipment, either on-site or on a return-to-base service.

Our servicing options include on-site maintenance anywhere in the World, along with fully traceable, return-to-base repair carried out by experienced maintenance engineers with the required qualifications and approvals. This includes working on both military and nuclear sites.

Early addressing of minor issues can prevent these developing into major faults which can lead to disruptive unscheduled downtime, the associated unbudgeted expense, whilst reducing your equipment’s lifetime repair costs. Furthermore, planned servicing can help to increase productivity and ROI in addition to keeping your monitoring system in-tune with the latest technological advances in hardware and software.

We also offer spares and replacement parts for all monitoring systems including older systems (upwards of 30 years) with quick turnaround and stock agreements available for rapid dispatch. To complete our service and maintenance package we also offer parts-only ordering, along with installation and commissioning, scheduled replacement for obsolescent, or end-of-life products.

Thanks to over 50 years’ experience in supplying, commissioning and maintaining monitoring systems across a wide range of industries means Sensonics can provide an outstanding package of servicing, calibration and maintenance packages for all types of systems.   More at: https://www.sensonics.co.uk/maintenance-support 

For further information please contact sales@sensonics.co.uk    

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