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Welcome to Sensonics

The leading supplier of turbine supervisory and high integrity protection equipment to industry

With over 40 years experience in providing vibration monitoring, displacement monitoring, seismic monitoring, and speed instrumentation solutions in demanding environments, we offer a full range of sensors and API 670 compliant measuring and protection equipment along with design, installation, and commissioning services.

Solutions for demanding environments

Industries we work with

Oil & Gas

Sensonics has worked with the Oil and Gas industry since the 1980’s providing specialised instrumentation solutions for the condition monitoring of both onshore and offshore critical rotating plant.


Sensonics partners with the nuclear industry providing specialised instrumentation solutions for plant condition monitoring as well as seismic protection and event recording.

Power Generation

Sensonics has worked with the power generation industry since the 1970’s providing specialised instrumentation solutions for equipment condition monitoring as well as essential protection and process interlocks for critical rotating plant.


Sensonics partners with the marine industry supplying specialised instrumentation solutions for power turbine, engine and pump condition monitoring as well as seismic protection and event recording for dock side infrastructur.

Mining & Metals

Sensonics has a large number of equipment references in the Mining and Metals industry. From vibration monitoring on air handling equipment in mines through to turbine supervisory measurements on heat recovery turbines in iron and steel processing plants.
Our Products

Industrial monitoring solutions

An industry proven range of accelerometers, velocity sensors, eddy current proximity probes, capacitive air gap sensors and LVDT’s to cover a wide range of machine vibration and position measurement applications.
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Sensonics vibration and position monitoring systems offer a range of both contact and non-contact techniques for accurate measurement of absolute vibration, relative vibration and shaft / thrust position on critical machines and infrastructure.
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Sensonics turbine supervisory instrumentation offers the full range of vibration, displacement and speed measurements required for effective turbine condition monitoring and protection.
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Condition monitoring specialists SENSONICS have provided high integrity overspeed protection systems for over 20 years with proven field reliability.
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The SentryCMS condition monitoring system is a scalable addition to the Sentry G3 API670 compliant machine protection system.
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Sensonics seismic protection and recording equipment is used for the vibration monitoring of critical infrastructure.
Sensonics safety instrumented systems offer critical process protection assurance through approval to the IEC 61508 standard.
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Access machine overviews and data remotely with our web based software.
Our Products

Discover Cutting-Edge Overspeed Protection Solutions With Our Expert Guide

This essential resource, drawn from over 50 years of industry-leading experience, is a must-read for professionals in power generation system design.

This guide covers:

  • Advanced Speed Sensors
  • Robust Speed Monitoring
  • Optimal System Configurations
  • Why work with Sensonics

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Specifying Overspeed Protection Systems

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Our experienced Application Engineers are available to assist you in solving any problems that you may have concerning the choice and application of any of the Sensonics products in the measurement and control of vibration, position, temperature and proximity.


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