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28 September 2020

What Are The Main Industrial Applications And Key Features Of Turbine Condition Monitoring?

Automated, digitised turbine condition monitoring has revolutionised heavy industry and power generation by providing an 'all-in-one' solution to turbine safety, optimisation, and rapid control feedback.

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By centralising data gathering and display into one networked system of advanced vibration, temperature, proximity, shaft speed and pressure sensors, a dynamic system and plant overview of turbine arrays can be produced quickly and accurately. Combined with an immediate remote control system, changes can then be made to the entire plant in real-time to improve overall performance.

Turbine condition monitoring (or TCM) allows technicians to diagnose and respond to faults or demand spikes immediately and effectively, rather than attempting to second-guess capacity or any issues with turbine efficiency.

TCM also allows for more accurate automatic safety stops to be set and faster, millisecond responses to an emergency developing within the turbine casing.

Which Industries Benefit Most From Turbine Condition Monitoring?

Industries that use finely tuned, heavy-duty turbines under intense heat stress and internal gas chamber pressure will benefit from a comprehensive, extensive, integrated TCM system. Utilities that need constant uptime for turbines, rapid responses to overheating or misalignment, and fast start-up also benefit from the oversight and fine-tuning that advanced TCMs can provide.

It's for those reasons that TCM is most prevalent in electrical power plants. Gas, oil, and nuclear facilities all use intense heat created by fuel reserves to convert water into condensed steam, powering massive generator turbines. Condition monitoring with integrated turbine control allows power plants to get the most out of their input and adapt quickly to different levels of power demand throughout the day.

Turbine Condition Monitoring From Sensonics

Sensonics stocks and supplies all the qualified systems and components you'll need to build a world-class turbine condition monitor. As an experienced designer of TCM systems for industry, we'll be able to talk you through what you'll need to get the most out of your turbine trains and arrays. Find out more by visiting our website. We can ship worldwide from the UK.

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Image source: Pixabay