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31 March 2021

5 Benefits Of Implementing A Turbine Supervisory Instrumentation System

A turbine supervisory instrumentation (TSI) system is an important investment for both machinery original equipment manufacturers and their industrial end users. At Sensonics, we know just how important it is to maintain equipment and avoid any potential disruptions. Our innovative vibration monitoring equipment is designed to protect both your machinery and your operation by constantly monitoring turbine vibration, position and shaft speed levels.

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If you have been considering implementing a turbine supervisory instrumentation system as part of your routine condition monitoring process, or upgrading from your current system, here are five reasons why you should:

1) Improved Safety

Due to the volatile and high-pressure environment of many power-generation facilities, health and safety measures need to be extra stringent. A system of highly sensitive vibration monitoring equipment can be installed to detect whether the plant is vibrating too much and shut down the system in plenty of time to prevent potential disasters, like explosions or system failures.

2) Protect Equipment From Damage

Nearly all turbine equipment faults cause an increase in vibration levels, even if it is at an early stage in the propagation cycle. A comprehensive turbine supervisory instrumentation system can detect where the potential fault is and what the likely cause is, allowing engineers to quickly remedy the issue before further damage is caused. As vibration levels can be measured non-invasively, it gives managers a quicker way of diagnosing equipment faults without shutting down the entire system.
Our highly sensitive monitoring technology can also indicate the rate of deterioration of faulty equipment, allowing you to schedule maintenance and parts replacement to fit in with your planned maintenance outage schedule or to make an informed choice to shut the machine down for emergency maintenance.

3) Lower Insurance Costs

In some cases, a modern turbine supervisory instrumentation system can lower insurance premiums for power plants and manufacturing facilities. For manufacturers, this is a huge selling point if your equipment already has the capacity to monitor vibration levels.

4) Prevent Costly Failures

A power station's turbines are absolutely essential, and equipment failures that shut down production can cost hundreds of thousands of pounds or even millions in lost revenue and fines. If there are any potential issues, a TSI system will indicate this straight away and can shut down the system to prevent a bigger fault that could disrupt production for far longer.
Our vibration monitoring equipment can also indicate the severity of a fault, allowing you to assess the situation and potential impact of the fault and respond accordingly.

5) Accurate Information And Monitoring

When it comes to complex industrial operations, accurate and up to date information is essential. By monitoring the vibration levels of your equipment, you can get a detailed picture of plant operations and the condition of your turbine without having to stop production. This real-time information can allow detailed analysis of operations, and help with predictive maintenance and scheduling.

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At Sensonics, we supply advanced condition monitoring sensors and machine protection systems for turbines and industrial plant. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements with one of our technical sales team.

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