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3 April 2020

Sensonics Helps Indian Power Sector To Meet Tough Emissions Targets


2nd April 2020 - For Immediate Release


Condition Monitoring Specialists SENSONICS have been playing a key role in helping India to meet the increasingly tough emission standards applied to its installed power generation base. Coal remains central to India’s power needs and today accounts for over 60% of the countries power sector. As a consequence there is significant ongoing construction of coal fired power plants to meet the ever-growing energy demands and Sensonics Technologies India Pvt. Ltd, established in 2017, is well placed to offer sales, service and support to an ever-expanding customer base in the region.

India however, does have a significant ‘green initiative’ with tough targets for emission standards to limit nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide emissions from the power generation industry. Many projects incorporating FGD (Flue Gas Desulphurization) technology in to existing power stations are underway and Sensonics have been particularly successful in assisting the main contractors employing these control technologies.

Sensonics Technologies India recently delivered FGD plant condition monitoring equipment for 10 units of coal fired plant with a total 6,500MW of generation capacity, at four different sites. The Sentry G3 vibration modules will continuously monitor the dynamic behavior of the new rotating equipment providing critical information to the plant operators on machinery health. The scope of supply included all sensors, monitoring equipment and cabinets.

Final system integration and testing was carried out in the Sensonics India factory near New Delhi. Vishal Sharma, Managing Director of Sensonics Technologies India commented; “We are really pleased to be involved in such a prestigious project and the delivery of these systems to a tight schedule has demonstrated the great capability we have to support the power industry in India”.
With many more FGD projects on the horizon in India, Sensonics are looking forward to extending their involvement in this sector by providing their innovative condition monitoring technology. ENDS.

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