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3 April 2012

Novel Dynamic Displacement Monitoring Technique

3rd April 2012
For Immediate Release


Condition monitoring and machine protection specialists SENSONICS have recently completed a government funded feasibility study into the development of an intelligent software algorithm for the processing of accelerometer vibration signals to realise an accurate peak displacement reading. One of the key drivers of this study is the many real world applications that require low-cost, accurate movement detection and by removing the price constraint, it would be possible to satisfy the market demand.

The study was a success and this combined with continued developments with wireless technology, has enabled Sensonics to produce a battery operated prototype unit which will be fed into the next stage of the project. As a result of this initiative Sensonics believe that it is now possible to meet the need for accurate, yet lower cost movement detection across a wide range of industry applications, from railways through to renewables.

The prototype also included a PCB mounted miniature tri-axial sensor. This provided the project with the option to compare the results with the superior dynamic range and noise performance offered by the ceramic device in comparison to existing MEM’s type devices. The ultimate project aim will be to detect dynamic displacement of up to 50mm peak within a frequency range of 1Hz to 40Hz and to a resolution of 0.1mm.

This initiative is another example of Sensonics dedication to developing affordable, high integrity machine monitoring and protection systems for all areas of industry. ENDS.

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