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10 January 2012

Continued Growth for Sensonics in China

10th January 2012
For Immediate Release


Machine monitoring and protection specialists SENSONICS have recently completed a project for the Chongqing steel company in China. The contract for the supply and installation of Sentry G3 Protection Monitors and Proximity Probes was successfully completed in conjunction with Sensonics Shanghai based partners, Star Royal Industry & Engineering Co Ltd.

The four new systems provide online monitoring and shutdown protection of a new turbine installation delivered through the Chinese based OEM Qingdao turbine. Commenting on the project, Joe Chin, the Managing Director of Star Royal said, “The Sentry G3 concept of a universal platform to cover all machine measurements and protection functions is very good and we are pleased to see the installations functioning reliably.” He confirmed, “The Sentry G3 installation went smoothly and the system has now been up and running for over 8 months. The reliability of the system has been excellent and the end user is very happy with the system performance and the user-friendly features”.

Two of the systems are installed in the combined cycle power plant where waste heat from the blast furnace is utilised to drive two 25MW thermal recovery turbines manufactured by Hangzhou Steam Turbine (HTC). The other two G3 racks are installed on Qingdao turbine machines which form part of the Coke Dry Quenching Technology used at the plant. This advanced closed system circulates gas to extract energy from the spent fuel which in turn is used to generate steam to drive the turbines.

The turbine supervisory system consists of; 8 channels of shaft relative vibration (X and Y position on 4 sleave bearings), 2 channels of thrust position at the HP end of the turbine, 2 channels of rotor to case differential expansion and 2 channels of turbine speed measurement. Standard 8mm (2.5mm range) diameter proximity probes were utilised for the vibration measurements and for the differential expansion points. Sensonics PRD08 disk probes were used to provide 8mm of differential expansion range against a shaft collar.

Extended range probes were implemented at the thrust position locations to allow for easy calibration. These 4mm range probes in an 8mm diameter package are unique to Sensonics and are ideal for measurement ranges that push close to 2mm, but still need to allow for a minimum gap set-up as well as any possible float. The image (A) attached shows the mounting of the speed and thrust position probes. As illustrated in the second picture (B), the complete measurement chain is contained within a single Sentry G3 3Ux19” rack system. This also includes spare slots for up to 8 additional channels to be added at a later date if required, (absolute bearing vibration for example may be considered in the future).

Only one type of Sentry G3 module is required to cover all the measurement modes and each channel has the capacity to be programmed to any of the required turbine supervisory regimes. This not only permits efficient usage of hardware (note that the first module in the rack is programmed for two channels of thrust position and two channels of speed) but also minimises the required spares holding. The hot swappable modules can be replaced online and the previous settings are simply uploaded through the user interface software.

The Sentry G3 system offers an integral LCD display to the module which offers several modes of display, this obviates the requirement for additional hardware and the need for a separate panel mounted LCD for local viewing of readings and events. Through the G3 display each channel measured (value and alarm status) can be rapidly understood while further analysis of dynamic channels can also be performed through the inherent FFT (vibration frequency analysis) facility available for each channel. An event log in each module permits the recall of up to 100 events to enable the user to determine past performance and capture fleeting channel alarms. Regarding the FFT facility, the site engineer commented, “This is the first time I have seen and utilised such a tool within this type of monitoring system and it’s proved to be very useful with the Sentry G3 diagnostics”.

The completion of the Chongqing project is another example of continued success for Sensonics in the Far East and underlines their commitment to developing the most effective solutions for vibration, position and speed monitoring for critical machine condition monitoring applications. ENDS.

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