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15 January 2009

Power Station Upgrade, On-Time, On-Budget

15th January 2009
For Immediate Release


Appreciating the features of utilising a high integrity Triplex Modular Redundant (TMR) equipment configuration, along with improved reliability and eliminating operational problems, were among the important benefits achieved following the installation of a new Turbine and Main Boiler Feed Pump Governor Control system at a major UK power station. The RWE Npower, Littlebrook site, is a large oil fired power station situated in Dartford, Kent which needed to replace the Unit 2 electro-hydraulic governor, originally installed around 30 years ago. Unreliability due to age and obsolescence, were the issues requiring attention.

During 2004, the Unit 1 governor was replaced with the latest Data Systems & Solutions TMR equipment, resulting in substantial operational improvements. For the Unit 2 equipment, RWE contracted SENSONICS to provide the same Data Systems & Solutions equipment configuration with Sensonics managing the entire project on a 'turnkey' basis in terms of manufacture, factory testing and installation, through to commissioning the entire system in conjunction with the DS&S engineers.

The supplied system consists of a Triple Modular Redundant combined Main Turbine and Boiler Feed Pump Turbine EHG (685MW), with 16 Main Turbine and 4 Boiler Feed Pump valve controllers. The system provides speed & load control of the main turbo generator and feed pump turbine. Scope of work included.

Supply and fitting of 33 valve position feedback sensors (LVDTs).
Replacement speed probes and vacuum transmitters.
Complete EHG system supply in a new 3 bay panel arrangement.
OLVT system (Online Valve Test Facility) included and Control Room HMI.
Removal of old panel and replacement cabling throughout.
Commenting on the installation, Dave Baylis, Control and Instrumentation Engineer at the Littlebrook Power Station, said, 'The problems we were experiencing have been eliminated, the equipment has made an important contribution to the reliable operation of our plant and no failures have occurred'. He added, 'We particularly like the features of the TMR technology, the fact that the equipment has been manufactured to a high standard and that the installation was completed on-time and on-budget'.

The successful upgrading of the governor equipment at the Littlebrook Power Station is another example of Sensonics position as a leading supplier of high integrity systems for turbine supervisory, control and protection applications.

Russell King, Managing Director at Sensonics commented. 'Working with DS&S to deliver this critical turbine system to RWE utilised the DS&S technology and expertise in combination with Sensonics turn key project capability. With 30 years experience in delivering turbine supervisory systems to the power industry this was a logical step for Sensonics and the working practices required align well with our expertise in the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of such systems for the power sector. We hope this is a relationship with DS&S we can develop further with other projects in the near future'. ENDS.

Further details are available from: Russell King, Sensonics Ltd, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, UK. Tel: +44 (0) 1442 876833. Fax: +44 (0) 1442 876477
Email: sales@sensonics.co.uk www.sensonics.co.uk

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