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13 April 2011

High speed rail monitoring points toward more intelligent infrastructure

13th April 2011
For Immediate Release


Increasing the monitoring systems on rail infrastructure is part of a wider intelligence strategy being adopted by companies to reduce maintenance costs while improving the availability and safety of rail networks. One particularly challenging application is to provide a robust and reliable system for high speed rail points monitoring.

With these challenges in mind, condition monitoring specialists SENSONICS have been working closely with a customer for the last two years to develop a proximity probe for points position monitoring. Specifically the challenge was to provide a robust eddy current type proximity probe capable of providing accurate position measurements on the switch rail position with high linearity and minimal drift with temperature in a harsh environment.

The development process has been successful and Sensonics are delighted to announce that product approval has recently been achieved and the probes are now being installed at multiple locations on the rail infrastructure.

Monitoring of the switch rail position relative to the fixed rail is crucial to detecting long term movement away from the initial calibrated position. This occurs over time through mechanical stresses caused by train movements.

Too much drift results in failure of the points locking mechanism and therefore subsequent closure of the line. Monitoring the offset with time allows maintenance to be planned without affecting the level of service offered by the train operator.

The system can also provide invaluable data on both the static and dynamic performance of the rail during switching and train movements, which is particularly important on high speed lines.

This high speed rail points monitoring project is another example of Sensonics ability to develop high integrity protection equipment with their proven technology being successfully applied to a wide range of industry applications worldwide.

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