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18 May 2021

How Condition Monitoring Can Help You Pass Your Health And Safety Review

By their nature, industrial plants and production lines can be potentially dangerous places if not appropriately managed, or if employees fail to adhere to strict safety regulations. Therefore, a culture that commits to effective health and safety is important to protect everyone in the workplace. Health and safety audits provide protection by identifying, minimising, or eradicating risks. Automated condition monitoring can provide advance warning that a fault that could pose a threat to health and safety may be developing, allowing preventive action to be taken.

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Identifying Problems Before They Become Apparent

The machines used in industry are inherently complex devices, so even advanced technical expertise might not be sufficient for someone to spot emerging problems visually.  Automated condition monitoring equipment, which continually assesses a machine’s operational efficiency, can identify the tiniest changes, such as increased vibration or temperature. This enables maintenance managers to decide whether there is a risk to safety and take immediate action to prevent harm. Early identification of problems lets you avoid unscheduled downtime.

Instant Alerts Save Critical Time

Unless technical issues are reported quickly to maintenance managers, a sudden problem could pose a theoretical risk to workers if left unchecked. A series of pre-determined alarm triggers ensure that changes are reported instantly, and the equipment can be shut down if necessary to diagnose the problem.

The Importance Of Keeping Condition Monitoring Equipment Up To Date

For automatic condition monitoring to contribute to health and safety, the equipment must be kept updated and operational. At Sensonics, our experts can ensure that your condition monitoring systems are kept in full working order, so they can instantly detect any critical changes within your machinery. For more information, feel free to get in touch.

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Image source: Unsplash