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7 October 2009

Upgrading Turbine Supervisory & Vibration Monitoring at Uskmouth Power Station

7th October 2009
For Immediate Release


Condition monitoring specialists SENSONICS have made an important contribution to the upgrade of turbine supervisory and vibration monitoring installations at the Uskmouth Power Station in Newport, South Wales. This coal fired power station, originally owned by Welsh Power, but now a Scottish and Southern Energy facility, has three 131 megawatt generators which supply power to the Newport and surrounding area.

Prior to the upgrade, other types of monitoring equipment was being used, including GEC Type 6 turbine supervisory systems and Alstec Type 7 equipment for vibration monitoring. Engineers at Uskmouth acknowledged that both these systems were obsolete and this was causing problems in terms of support and reliability of operation. As part of the upgrade, Sensonics supplied and fitted their Aegis VME (Vibration) and Sentry turbine monitoring systems to the turbine and alternator.

The vibration sensors fitted included Sensonics PZV2 piezo-electric velocity transducers. These units were selected, rather than accelerometers, based on their superior noise performance in heavy industrial environments and unique internal signal processing which eliminates the potential for resonances through such causes as steam noise. They also offer an advantage over traditional moving coil velocity transducers with a superior frequency response and no moving parts. As a result of installing the new monitoring equipment the problems associated with the previous system have been eliminated and the engineers at Uskmouth are appreciating the reliability and state-of-the-art features of the Sensonics equipment.

John Phillips, Instrumentation Engineer at Uskmouth added, "The high build quality of the Sensonics equipment is particularly appreciated and the modular design of the units makes the system easy to support and expand if needed in the future".

The successful upgrading of condition monitoring equipment at the Uskmouth Power Station is another example of Sensonics position as a leading supplier of turbine supervisory and high integrity protection equipment to the power industry.

Sensonics offer over 30 years experience in providing vibration, displacement and speed instrumentation solutions for demanding environments. Not only can they supply a full range of sensors and API 670 compliant measuring and protection equipment, but also design through to installation and commissioning. ENDS.

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