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Human Machine Interface

The Sentry G3 SCADA Viewer is a scalable addition to the Sentry G3 API670 compliant machine protection system. Providing configuration tools and engineering features to help streamline control of your industrial processes. Access machine overviews and data remotely with our web based software that helps to identify alarms and visualise trends using the SCADA information management portfolio of historian, intelligence, and reporting tools.

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  • Remote view of Sentry G3 channels
  • Machine graphical displays with live measure values
  • Trending of all measurement channels
  • Alarm Historian
  • Flexible graphical interface
  • Combine with other plant parameters
  • Straight forward Network Connectivity
  • Multiple viewing locations
  • Sensonics configuration support

Machine Status Overview

A flexible graphical interface provides an instant view of the machine status. An example of a custom Interface shows an array of cooling fans. Data Acquisition is shown through colour to represent the vibration variables. Measured data is shown next to symbols; alarms appear next to the data when active.

Historical Trending

View historical data as well as current trends with the ability to trend samples periodically or at specific events. Read and store plant variables from other systems to trend alongside the G3 vibration measurements.

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